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Lan party

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Just thought I'd let you all know how the lan party went. We were 14, played Quake 4 on a dedicated server. Played mostly death matches and capture the flag, there's no CA in q4.

We had a blast, got my ass kicked around (I will say in my defence that game play is very different from ql) and they want to do it again next semester.

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That was kinda the plan...I was hoping I could woop ass, but Q4 feels so awkward. The railgun felt especially weird - there was like a delay between firing and actual shot that made it almost useless. Maybe, it was our setup. Some of them are no strangers to FPS as they play CS-GO. So it's not like they were total noobs either.

QL would be best, but Q3A could be a solid B plan.

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