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Community Rules and Information

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We want people to have fun on the server and forums, but not everyone's idea of fun is the same.

This is a capped server, do not expect everyone to play at your level. Do not expect everyone to listen when you say top/bridge whatever. If people are not having fun because of your attitude, you may be the problem.

Spamming of chat/soundboard/voice will get muted/kicked.

Muting or ignoring someone:
If you don't like what someone is saying while on the server, you have the ability to mute them. (Esc/Admin/Highlight name/Toggle mute)

If you don't like what someone is saying in the forums, you have the ability to ignore them. At the top right corner you will see the Hamburger button. Click on it then ignored users and enter the persons name you would like to ignore.

Afk or 999 while on the server in game:
If an admin is on the server and present please make them aware if you have an afk or 999 person on your team, so that they can handle the issue. We have two extra player slots and two private slots on each server. 

We do allow spectating but if you have been inactive for an extended period and the server is full, you might get kicked to allow room for an active spectator/player. We don't always see everything as fast as you might like. Being an admin is not a paid position, just so people know.

Racist comments:
Racist remarks will get you muted or !silenced. You will lose the text/voice chat feature on the server for an assigned period of time depending on how long the admin decides. Usually, there is a warning by way of pm in quake, or regular quake chat. Once you have been warned you may or may not be warned again. You will be expected to remember that you have already been warned and act like a grown up at that point.  Some people decide to start changing their names to try and continue the "internet battle". At that point it is usually a ban for whatever period the admin feels is proper and you lose. Repeat offenders usually get longer periods of silence or ban. If you miss being able to talk to your friend, feel free to join them in another chat program, there are many available to you via the internet.

Racist comments, spamming, and personal attacks on forum:

 First offense - Warning

Second offense - Your post will require approval prior to being published.

Continued  attempts will get the account suspended.                                                               

Trolling on the server:
Shooting your team, intentionally pitting your teammates, cheating, tier slumming, or being an ass in general. Any of these may earn you a boot and/or a ban.


We wont be doing exceptions at this time for the 1700 server.  Instead we have 2 open servers. If no one is on them, then maybe you can invite your friends and start a game.

It is up to you to get your glicko to an acceptable level to play on the 1700 servers  it's not on us to give you an exception just so you can play.

Hint: Handicapping is a quick way to get it back to acceptable numbers.(/handicap) Only level 5 admins have the ability to give exceptions. Please do not just stand there while your team is dying and expect us to watch you do it. Tanking games is not an acceptable way to lower your glicko rating.

This list will be updated occasionally to reflect issues that arise.

List of names used most by admins and their permission level:

Forum Administrator, Server owner:

3Fingers - 5 

Forum Administrator, Server Administrator:

coffee - 5

Global Moderator,Server Administrator:

MattressStain - 5

Server Administrators:

Island55 - 5

D347h - 2

lonka - 2

Maverick - 2

Norco - 2

LD3 - 2

Morterfocker - 2

Swiller - 2

BobThak - 2

MegaTroll - 2

Reminiscent - 2

DtBlud - 2

Oaf - 2

2Dawn Kenp - 2

Zayg - 2

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Time to further explain some things:

This is a private server in the same way that your house is private. It's like having a party and allowing people to join in on the fun. The servers are paid for just the same as if you pay your bills on your house every month. If someone comes to your party and shits on the floor you will probably make them leave. If someone comes in the server and acts like an ass we do the same. People that think they have a right to play here because they purchased the game do not understand the reality of the situation.

It is probably not a good idea to insult the women on the server. There are not many left in this game and even though they have the ability to mute you, they should not have too. If you have a problem with a woman fragging you, it's your problem not theirs. That being said, some of the women defend themselves better than others.

Don't be an ass to your teammates or others for not playing at your expected level. As admin I speak to more people than you know, sometimes they fill me in on their situations in life. As this game ages, so do the players. Some are legally blind, deaf, have parkinsons, tourettes, cancer, digestive issues, colon. prostate and so on. They may be puking in the trash can while you bitch at them for being afk in a game. Real life takes priority over you winning a match. Sometimes the dog needs to go out because he is on meds and has to puke.

Some people have to use the bathroom or maybe, heaven forbid the pizza guy is at the door. Personally my favorite is when someone says "BRB, I need to pee and get a drink" and then everyone f3's. Then after a round or so some start bitching because said person is afk. Hint: If you take the time to pay attention to who is not moving prior to F3'ing, you will notice some people are not doing any damage. These people may be afk to get a drink or a snack, or take the trash out to keep their wife happy so they may continue enjoying the game.

Don't expect a warning every time you do the same thing. Why would we continue to allow you to so the same thing you did yesterday? We keep a running list of players/trolls affecting others and some of us even have memories of things that happened prior to you doing it again. If you were on the server when an admin told someone to stop the racist comments, that was your warning too. That being said, we don't all react in the same way to offending people. Sometimes our bad day may end up being your bad day if you create an issue. Especially, if we know you are a regular at creating issues on the servers.

The moral of the story is be considerate of others, as you should in real life. Help others when they ask a legitimate question, or you see they have a new account. This community is not about who can be the biggest asshole or troll. This includes bitching about others that annoy you. You can mute them, but instead you choose to bitch at admins for not doing that for you. Spending more time bitching about them than it takes to mute them on your own.



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