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  1. my new build

    yeah ive been collecting some sounds and getting ready for another update in the near future!
  2. my new build

    nice man!
  3. Newly added maps

    kool, thanks man
  4. my fiances new build

  5. my fiances new build

    R G B
  6. Let's get this party started

    Post some of your favorite music, lets get our gr00ve on Here's a little something to start this off (good driving song) quality ain't the greatest but decent
  7. Asus RTX Gforce 2080 turbo

    yeah but now you have boss status with that beastly card
  8. Happy 4th!!

  9. Quake will not run after Windows 10 1903 update

    cool man, if your able to report the bug to Microsoft they may look at it and include a fix in the next update
  10. Quake will not run after Windows 10 1903 update

    also try compatibility mode in properties, worth a shot
  11. Quake will not run after Windows 10 1903 update

    oh really? i haven't updated yet.. i assume you tried reinstalling quake etc
  12. a view from charleston SC (HUGE PICS)

    quite the bridge
  13. Low Latency Tweaking

    this is pretty cool, thanks man
  14. New servers

    thanks man!
  15. Newly added maps

    Thanks man
  16. Newly added maps

    cool man thanks! well have to chek em out
  17. A couple additions...

    i dont see any issues with specs voting, but yeah the voting pass should be the same for any other vote percentage i would think. (map voting etc)
  18. hey guise.

  19. A couple additions...

    thanks man
  20. Looking for used parts

  21. Looking for used parts

    nice, should to the job nicely, looking forwards to the upcoming games
  22. ELO cap poll

    wow i wonder what happened here active players August 2018 2,770.8 +363.5 +15.10% 7,197 July 2018 2,407.3 -2,923.2 -54.84% 6,518 June 2018 5,330.6 +4,605.4 +635.10% 17,332 lol
  23. ELO cap poll

    Going with the idea of getting more people on the servers, I would agree to increase the cap, we would get more of a mix of people on the servers and in theory more players should over flow on to the other servers. BUT that's in theory, I've noticed that many people will sit in the 'server is full' state and wait for people to leave rather than start another game on another server. To bring the higher elo players in doesn't really cause an issue with me personally (i voted to try it), a lot of them that I've played with are really nice and good to play and interact with. BUT the admin part of me, dealing with the elo/ego maniacs who think its life or death in a quake game - they can be a pain as they will bash on the lower elo players with verbal and team attacks to vent their frustrations. So as long as there's an active admin on the server it's fine. but when no admins are around then unguarded abuse will happen. As far as KGB goes, he's friendly to me and Pete because we've taken action on him when he really gets out of line and at the end of the day he just wants to play. but he definitely can be an ass and a lot of people dont like his name calling and stuff, but to me it's more of a joking thing as I've never really seen him pissed off at anyone unless were all losing in the game very bad, then I see his frustration in his words. other than that he's not that bad, just have to stand up to him. - sometimes i like the challenge of a player like him as it gets the blood pumping. Some players just want to have the social and fun aspect of the game, some people want to be more competitive (or/and both) but it is a good time for everyone when they get what they're looking for out of this game. Its funny how this game can be fulfilling in different ways. All in all, it's a good idea to get more people in the servers and perhaps this community, but as I was just telling Pete last night, the people go where the game are, so if we dont start other games in other servers when other servers are full then it's difficult. - I'd say the tipping point of a server from being empty to packed is 4 or more people in a server, then they come in waves. - just what I've noticed, and fewer restrictions will allow more players in. my vote would be to have one 1700 server in place to leave a safe place for now (say, NY as its most friendly for east and west pings) and the rest no limit and see how it goes, we played a game on the no limit NY server last night and it was good. had a couple high elo players (+1900) in there at the start and they were fine, but they left as soon as the regular player wave came in the server. was a good night. 2cents given.
  24. Leizu botting.

    good catch, most likely the same guy. similar play style
  25. Looking for used parts