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  1. New servers

  2. Help picking a mouse

    thanks guys
  3. Help picking a mouse

    So I've been playing quake since maybe...2007 ish took a 3 year hiatus from 2013-2016 Now I'm back playing again. I love this game but one thing after all these years I've never had is a decent mouse. I've looked up some deals and things on new egg but I don't really know what to look for in specs what's best and what's not. I've heard people talk about death adder and I've looked up some deals on new egg and things but I'd like some help. Does 1ms to 4ms response time really make that much of a differnce? is 2500 dpi Enough? is a 3.5 ghz infrared sensor nice? Idk...just don't really know how to go about picking a good mouse. My hand isn't really that big a pretty medium size I guess, I'd like a lighter than heavier mouse...not too many buttons maybe 5 at most. If you guys have any suggestions or what to look for I'd appreciate your input, thank you. Bile
  4. Looking for a thing

    Well actually that thing just sucks...it add's like 3 new commands lol but I think I just saw the editing of the demo's and figured it was a thing you could also do while you're playing. I can paypal you - $10 for that?
  5. Looking for a thing

    yesss something like that, I'll try that one out, thanks asia
  6. Looking for a thing

    Idk if it's that..but someone mentioned like a plugin through steam or something that changes the menu's in quakelive and like shows more stats at end of the game and stuff and also the scoreboard...should've posted this in the game settings folder..my bad. Thanks for the replies, Asia is that only for editing demo's and changing stuff in demo vids or also while you are playing?
  7. Looking for a thing

    Heard there was a interface that looks better with more details...also saw it when someone was streaming the first madman event. Didn't find it when I google searched so thought I might ask here. Bile