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  1. Added bluestone / callvote bluestone * this is ts_t5 expanded version. Should be better for larger teams.
  2. If it were me I would uninstall all software pertaining to your card and delete the folders. Then I would go to device manager and uninstall the gpu from there. It will be under display devices. Right click it and click uninstall or remove I forget. Then reboot pc and it should install the standard windows driver. Then install the drivers from the manufacturer eg; nvidia/radeon.
  3. added maps... Lunar Landings by Scancode /callvote map scandm1 Untouchable by MaGiC-WaLKeR /callvote Mw3Tourney2 Blue Stone by TymoN /callvote map ts_t5
  4. You can ignore the pentium thing, its always been that way.
  5. In your baseq3 folder there should be an error.log Does this only happen with QL? Cpu/gpu temps ok?
  6. Have you updated your video drivers since the 1903 update? Just a thought.
  7. Chicago... Subject and date Description Facility power maintenance on 8/16 and 8/20 will cause downtime Aug 14 2019 12:01:10 AM PT We have been notified by the facilities provider in Chicago (Equinix) that they will be replacing half of their Automatic Static Transfer Switches on Friday, August 16, between 10pm CDT and 6am of the next day, and the rest of the transfer switches on Tuesday, August 20, between 10pm CDT and 6am of the next day. Update @ 4:42am CDT on 8/21: Today's maintenance appears to be complete, as all equipment seems to have turned back on at approximately 4:30am CDT. This means that the facility power maintenance in Chicago should now be complete overall. We thank all customers for their patience as the facility performed this!
  8. we may need a sound file for that
  9. Best practice is to not to subscribe to maps in workshop. If a workshop map gets updated but the server is running older version then you will get collisions.
  10. Subject and date Description Upcoming router maintenance on Sunday (should not cause connectivity loss) Aug 16 2019 01:02:08 AM PT On the morning of Sunday, August 18, between midnight and 4am CDT, we have asked the facility to make physical changes to our two core routers in Chicago as part of our bandwidth upgrades there. These adjustments will require shifting traffic between the routers and may temporarily reduce performance for some clients due to the upstream provider mix being reduced during the maintenance window. While there is always the slim possibility that a mistake will be made and a cable bumped out of place, we have engineered the maintenance steps in such a way that we expect for connectivity to be maintained at all times.
  11. Chicago.... Subject and date Description Facility power maintenance on 8/16 and 8/20 will cause downtime Aug 14 2019 12:01:10 AM PT We have been notified by the facilities provider in Chicago (Equinix) that they will be replacing half of their Automatic Static Transfer Switches on Friday, August 16, between 10pm CDT and 6am of the next day, and the rest of the transfer switches on Tuesday, August 20, between 10pm CDT and 6am of the next day. They have told us that these replacements will take down specific power feeds for the entire maintenance window. This will have consequences for customers: - Since most of our network switches are single-fed, we will see a connectivity interruption for those switches that are connected to the impacted power feeds on each day. We have asked the facility to mitigate this by moving the switches to different power feeds after power has been lost, and then back again afterward; this means that nearly all customers in Chicago will see at least two connectivity blips on one of the nights of the maintenance. The connectivity interruptions could last as long as an hour, depending on how quickly the facility moves power cords in our cabinets; we will ask them to prewire the new cords to speed up this process. (Note that our core routers and core aggregation switch have redundant power and should not also go offline.) - Most of our VDS, standalone game server, and standalone voice server machines are single-fed. This means that we will need to power these machines entirely down during the maintenance events. For each night, approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the 10pm event, we will be running a script that will shut down all specific VDS-hosting machines that our records indicate will lose power that night. Since our records may not be fully accurate, the shutdown operations may not end up being clean for other reasons, or the facility could make mistakes (such as by starting the maintenance early or taking down the wrong circuit), we recommend that VDS customers back up important files before each maintenance window, and also limit heavy disk writing operations around the start of each window (in-flight disk writes can cause file/disk corruption when power is abruptly lost). - Newer customer dedicated machines -- E3-1270v3 and better machines -- all have redundant power supplies that are plugged into two separate power feeds, so they shouldn't go offline. However, most of these machines are designed to throttle CPU performance if one of the two power feeds is lost, and these customers will see higher CPU usage until power is restored on each night. Having switches and servers lose power is a big deal, and having such a long (multi-hour) outage, starting near peak usage hours, makes this event an even bigger deal. The point of the facility having layers of UPS and generator equipment is to provide continuous power and avoid this type of outage. We are making sure to communicate how serious this is to the facility and to make sure that they take all possible steps to do the maintenance right and to help us keep downtime to a minimum. We will update this event as we have more information, such as if the start or duration of the maintenance changes.
  12. Added a couple maps to the servers... Heavy Duty - /callvote map mrcq3t3 Wish You Were Here - /callvote map mc_tm01_myth Death Cage - /callvote map mc_tm01_storm
  13. Umm, I don’t know if you noticed it or not but there are hands inside your new pc, that’s kinda cool! nice rig though, congrats!
  14. Happy 4th!! Have fun, stay safe and try to keep it on two wheels...
  15. Did you update your video card drivers? My bet is that will fix it
  16. Yeah I thought the same thing. nice pics!
  17. Subject and date Description Upcoming Xen upgrade with reboot @ 1:30am Central Time on June 20 Jun 17 2019 10:34:05 PM PT We are planning to reboot the machine hosting your VDS at approximately 1:30am Central Time on June 20, in order to apply critical Intel microcode and Xen updates to address a new speculation-related vulnerability (Microarchitectural Data Sampling/MDS). We have generally avoided the need for reboots over the last couple of years by invisibly using the Xen livepatching functionality to update running code. Because this specific new flaw requires the application of updated microcode at boot-time, and because its Xen code updates cannot be patched into a running system, that was not possible in this case. We plan to continue avoiding reboots on our end as much as possible in the future. We also recommend that all customers take this opportunity to apply the latest security updates from their OS distributions. The vendors for all currently-supported operating systems have released patches for the new vulnerability. For the reboot, your VDS will need to be shut down for approximately 15-30 minutes. We will attempt to gracefully shut it down on our end through Xen, but on occasion this doesn't work perfectly, so you may consider turning off applications that might write to disk before the maintenance event. If you are running Windows 2012 R2, please also note your VDS may need additional reboots to work properly, due to a bug within Xen related to how it boots up (that only occurs during bootup) -- our system will attempt to detect when this is the case and perform the extra reboot operations, but we recommend checking afterward yourself, as well.
  18. Good guide for tweaking your Ethernet Card (NIC) May help some with stabilizing your ping & packet loss https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727946014 Also added this to the help guides section This by the author if you dont want to bother with the tech details... Addendum In case you were wondering what settings I recommend generically: ARP Offload - Disabled ** Auto Disable Gigabit - Disabled ** - will deny gigabit capable users auto-negotiated gigabit * Energy Efficient Ethernet - Disabled * - ** Flow Control - Disabled ** ** Green Ethernet - Disabled ** - ** Interrupt Moderation - Disabled ** (Even MS says turn this off for low latency) * IPv4 Checksum Offload – Disabled * Jumbo Frame - Disabled ** Large Send Offload v2 IPv4 - Disabled ** (affects net like IM, according to sys-admin blog) ** Large Send Offload v2 IPv6 - Disabled ** Maximum Number of RSS Queues – X - does nothing with RSS disabled Network Address - Not Present NS Offload - Disabled Priority & VLAN - Disabled Receive Buffers - 512 (MAX Setting) ** Receive Side-Scaling – Disabled ** - NEEDS RESEARCH Speed & Duplex - Auto Negotiation * TCP Checksum Offload IPv4 – Disabled * * TCP Checksum Offload IPv6 – Disabled * Transmit Buffers - 128 * UDP Checksum Offload IPv4 – Disabled * * UDP Checksum Offload IPv6 – Disabled * Wake on Magic Packet - Disabled Wake on pattern match - Disabled WOL & Shutdown Link Speed - Not Speed Down The ** marked settings are the main culprits consistent across test subjects. The * marked settings are one’s that you'll most want to experiment with. An interesting note; with one router, I got a better performance with the Checksum Offloads being on and when I replaced it with a more recent one, the same settings offered a degraded performance. This was fixed for the new router by turning off Checksum Offloads. The point being… experiment! The whole configuration can be sensitive to changes at any point from the computer drivers, down the cables and out to router hardware.
  19. It’s probably the free beer
  20. I myself am not really interested in a ft server and would rather have a tdm server. What do y’all want ft or tdm?
  21. Yeah working on setting up a ffa and ft server. Working on configs, probably be up in a few days.
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