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  1. A couple of additions to the servers... The server will now auto re-balance if two new players join a match. Just the new joiners will be balanced if needed. Also if a team takes the lead by four rounds the the bot will recommend a switch if 100 or more elo difference. The switch recommendations made by either the bot or !teams/!teens is now vote-able with the /cv do command.
  2. A couple additions...

    No I have it tweaked to 41% to move the voting along quicker
  3. Subject and date Description Upcoming upstream maintenance early 3/13 Mar 09 2019 01:46:19 PM PT One of our upstream providers will be performing maintenance on the routers that we connect to in Chicago between 2am CDT and 5am CDT on Wednesday, March 13. We are told that this maintenance will break our connection to that provider for some period of time during the maintenance window. Because we have other upstreams in Chicago, there should not be any extended connectivity loss, but some clients may see brief periods of connectivity loss or increased latency, as traffic automatically shifts to our other upstreams in Chicago and then shifts back.
  4. Thread for Scheduled Maintenance, Outages, ect.
  5. A couple additions...

    Yeah spectators count. I could disable spec voting.
  6. A couple additions...

    Not that I know, we will just have to keep an eye on it. Keep in mind that it won’t suggest s switch unless the elo is over 100 difference so there shouldn’t be that many votes, I’m assuming.
  7. hey guise.

    Howdy phaero
  8. ELO cap poll

    As the title says
  9. Looking for used parts

    I’m looking for a used gtx1050 or even better gtx1060. Also looking for used mobo & intel cpu i5 preferably. I’m building a rig for my kid, looking for good parts on the cheap. if anyone has stuff let me know what it as and how much, thanks
  10. ELO cap poll

    You must have quite a collection by now
  11. Looking for used parts

    That’s what she said
  12. ELO cap poll

    Well if you look at who voted for what and look at their post you can see that organic doesn’t care but voted no and the same with buster. I voted no but could lean towards a 1900 cap. Plus if you look at the “yes” and the “give it a try” votes tallies, they are more. OR... we could just leave it alone.
  13. ELO cap poll

    Yes it is but it really changes the game dynamics imo. Not an option for me, sorry.
  14. ELO cap poll

    Pete, hypothetically if the cap was 1900 do you think we would need the no-limit servers anymore? I personally don’t think we would need them at that point and you are right that we could give exceptions if needed for cool people that exceed the 1900. I’m leaning towards the 1900 myself. Any objections? We can always revert back if it doesn’t work out but I don’t like keeping cool players from playing here just because they are good at the game. And like Pete said 99% of the donors are under 1600 elo and won’t have fun getting destroyed by 2000+ players so we have to keep that in mind also in this decision.
  15. Looking for used parts

    All set guys. I looked through my spare parts bin and found a Asus p8z77-v mobo, Intel i5-3570k cpu and 650w psu & Antec case. Picked up a Gigabyte gtx1070 oc version for $225 and ordered a Intel 256gb ssd drive and 16gb patriot viper III ram. I owe him xmas & bday gifts plus house warming for his new place. So he will be getting a decent rig at about $350 cost to me, not bad.
  16. Leizu botting.

    thank you
  17. A couple new servers

    We now have a new no-limit San Jose, Cali server /connect CAL.MADHOUSESERVERS.COM:27960 and we also have a new Vampiric ca pql server set up in Chicago /connect CHI.MADHOUSESERVERS.COM:27666 Frag on!
  18. A couple new servers

    Thanks for the heads up Chains. I didn't even think about that one. Should be all set on next reboot.
  19. Looking for used parts

    rofl no
  20. A couple new servers

    I can't take the credit for that. It was island55's idea
  21. Everyone knows me but Hi!

  22. Instagib ca server

    You are late for the party Mav. Shut it down, nobody played it. I will be starting up a vampiric ca server with pql physics soon though.
  23. Instagib ca server

    New Clan Arena-Instagib-PQL server added. Rail Jumping enabled Air Control enabled Ramp Jumping enabled Give it a try /connect chi.madhouseservers.com:27962 Enjoy!
  24. I use to be new

    Hiya vks! Whats new?
  25. Redlined cheating

    Well it would be just an assumption at this point due to this redlined using vpn’s. You can tell the guy was surprised his rail hit a completely differently enemy then the one he was aiming at twice. Which tells me he is new to the aimbot and didn’t really know how it works. We have been doing battle with a certain player that likes to toggle a wallhack and have banned several of his steam accounts and I am willing to bet that this is him trying out the aimbot of the hack. That player would be miatroll and the many new accounts he has created since his initial ban. We have many demo’s of him walling.