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  1. Subject and date Description Upcoming Xen upgrade with reboot @ 1:30am Central Time on June 20 Jun 17 2019 10:34:05 PM PT We are planning to reboot the machine hosting your VDS at approximately 1:30am Central Time on June 20, in order to apply critical Intel microcode and Xen updates to address a new speculation-related vulnerability (Microarchitectural Data Sampling/MDS). We have generally avoided the need for reboots over the last couple of years by invisibly using the Xen livepatching functionality to update running code. Because this specific new flaw requires the application of updated microcode at boot-time, and because its Xen code updates cannot be patched into a running system, that was not possible in this case. We plan to continue avoiding reboots on our end as much as possible in the future. We also recommend that all customers take this opportunity to apply the latest security updates from their OS distributions. The vendors for all currently-supported operating systems have released patches for the new vulnerability. For the reboot, your VDS will need to be shut down for approximately 15-30 minutes. We will attempt to gracefully shut it down on our end through Xen, but on occasion this doesn't work perfectly, so you may consider turning off applications that might write to disk before the maintenance event. If you are running Windows 2012 R2, please also note your VDS may need additional reboots to work properly, due to a bug within Xen related to how it boots up (that only occurs during bootup) -- our system will attempt to detect when this is the case and perform the extra reboot operations, but we recommend checking afterward yourself, as well.
  2. Low Latency Tweaking

    Good guide for tweaking your Ethernet Card (NIC) May help some with stabilizing your ping & packet loss https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727946014 Also added this to the help guides section This by the author if you dont want to bother with the tech details... Addendum In case you were wondering what settings I recommend generically: ARP Offload - Disabled ** Auto Disable Gigabit - Disabled ** - will deny gigabit capable users auto-negotiated gigabit * Energy Efficient Ethernet - Disabled * - ** Flow Control - Disabled ** ** Green Ethernet - Disabled ** - ** Interrupt Moderation - Disabled ** (Even MS says turn this off for low latency) * IPv4 Checksum Offload – Disabled * Jumbo Frame - Disabled ** Large Send Offload v2 IPv4 - Disabled ** (affects net like IM, according to sys-admin blog) ** Large Send Offload v2 IPv6 - Disabled ** Maximum Number of RSS Queues – X - does nothing with RSS disabled Network Address - Not Present NS Offload - Disabled Priority & VLAN - Disabled Receive Buffers - 512 (MAX Setting) ** Receive Side-Scaling – Disabled ** - NEEDS RESEARCH Speed & Duplex - Auto Negotiation * TCP Checksum Offload IPv4 – Disabled * * TCP Checksum Offload IPv6 – Disabled * Transmit Buffers - 128 * UDP Checksum Offload IPv4 – Disabled * * UDP Checksum Offload IPv6 – Disabled * Wake on Magic Packet - Disabled Wake on pattern match - Disabled WOL & Shutdown Link Speed - Not Speed Down The ** marked settings are the main culprits consistent across test subjects. The * marked settings are one’s that you'll most want to experiment with. An interesting note; with one router, I got a better performance with the Checksum Offloads being on and when I replaced it with a more recent one, the same settings offered a degraded performance. This was fixed for the new router by turning off Checksum Offloads. The point being… experiment! The whole configuration can be sensitive to changes at any point from the computer drivers, down the cables and out to router hardware.
  3. Newly added maps

    It’s probably the free beer
  4. New servers

    I myself am not really interested in a ft server and would rather have a tdm server. What do y’all want ft or tdm?
  5. New servers

    Yeah working on setting up a ffa and ft server. Working on configs, probably be up in a few days.
  6. New servers

    New servers added to nyc & atl ✪✪✪ THE MADHOUSE™ CA PQL NO-LIMIT ✪✪✪ connect nyc.madhouseservers.com:27962 Regular CA but with PQL physics and... ✪✪✪ THE MADHOUSE™ CA PQL INSTAGIB ✪✪✪ connect atl.madhouseservers.com:27962 300 HP 100 DMG per hit / 3 hits = kill Railjumping
  7. Newly added maps

    I converted some more... Trial by Error / callvote map rpg3dm2 Kill You / callvote map q3dade12 Invalid Transmission / callvote map jaxdm9 Dead of Winter / callvote map jaxdm10 added to NYC and ALT now, CHI servers are populated and will add those later.
  8. Newly added maps

    I converted 4 more select Q3A maps to QL... Time To Kill The Pain / callvote map obs3dm5 - Quality remake of ZTN's Painkiller - Larger Version really nicely done. Will be played imo. A Day At The Villa / callvote map aty3dm6 - Nice looking map probably better for smaller games. Glitches: Can view whole map from certain locations that you rj to, will remove if causes game play problems. Right Angles / callvote map sq3t1 - Decent layout, probably some fast game play. Frozen Abyss / callvote map spwn3dm3 - Good layout madhouse players should like this one imo. Happy Fragin'
  9. Newly added maps

    Actually This is wrong. But I did figure it out. What is needed; there is a folder in the .pk3 called levelshots, that is where you will find the .jpg or .tga screenshot. If its .tga the you will need to convert it to .jpg. Then in the levelshots folder create a folder called preview if its not already there. Drop a copy of the screenshot .jpg into the preview folder you just created. So now you have it in the levelshots folder and also the preview folder that you created inside the levelshots folder. Now the .jpg preview should show when map voting. I eventually plan on updating all the maps I have converted in my workshop when I get the time. The newest maps I have converted will now show a map preview while voting.
  10. Newly added maps

    Forgot to mention I added the Bal maps back in. I removed them way back when when the workshop host updated them and they were causing map collisions. I meant to add them back but I had forgot about them until I noticed that Bal himself has put them in his workshop. They are really good maps and I cant believe I forgot to put them back in but now they are back. Ash Rain / callvote map bal3dm1 Golconda / callvote map bal3dm2 Disinformation / callvote map bal3dm3 Scrap Metal II / callvote map bal3dm4
  11. Newly added maps

    added a couple more maps... maps ShiN0 converted... Nothing At All / callvote map lae3dm1 nhkg-valcovna / callvote map subdm7 / Removed, players spawn inside of walls. Blood and Iron II / callvote map tscabdm3 maps I converted... Bigmap02 / callvote map bigmap02 / Pretty big but not ca_tamb big. Looks good for full teams, could be some fun. Final Inspiration / callvote map q3fig / Deleted, map wasn't good enough to tolerate the missing textures CHI servers has players on #2 so will be updated with maps later. ATL & NYC servers updated.
  12. Newly added maps

    yeah from what I have read you need to add a .tga along with the .jpg to the preview folder in the .pk3 I don't think that I will go through all my workshop maps and update them at this point. It will cause map collisions, but I will put the .tga in future maps I convert.
  13. Newly added maps

    If anyone is interested in converting q3a maps to ql then let me know. I will give you the tool I use and instructions on editing the .arena file and uploading to your steam workshop. It can be very time consuming especially when converting a lot of maps. Most of the maps have already been converted but if you search really hard you may find some decent obscure maps. I have spent hours upon hours searching for maps, here are the map databases I have found.... https://www.lvlworld.com/ -mostly already picked through but you might find find something obscure. http://www.sst13.de/ -sst13 is on quakelive and has his own workshop and has been converting his maps to QL http://planetquake.gamespy.com/View8095.html?view=Quake3.List&game=4 -a lot of the map links are broken due to time. https://ws.q3df.org/maps/ -mostly defrag maps but you may find some playable for ca. http://www.mapraider.com/maps/quake-3-arena -I just started going through the maps here, looks like some decent maps that haven't been converted yet.
  14. Newly added maps

  15. Newly added maps

    Most of the above maps were recently converted by ShiN0 he’s been on a roll. I have been downloading more q3a maps and have a pretty good list. I will start converting them soon and add them to my workshop along with the 35 maps that I have converted from q3a to ql. I just checked and it looks like ShiN0 just added a lot more maps so I will d/l them tonight and run through them to see if they are worthy of the madhouse.