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  1. just wait till i warm up....
  2. yes sir, well, i mean, your here... =]
  3. didn't even see you on the server coffee, i cant keep up with all the aliases any more.. anyways, gg's
  4. LOL, if you were gaming before i was born sir, that makes you way older than my 22 year old self..... err, i mean 44, but lets not spread that around.
  5. Thank you for the warm welcome gents (and ladies, if present). I had no idea you guys had spent the amount of time I know it took to set all this up, what you have built here is awesome guys, and believe me, i know what it took. As always, and I have made this offer to 3Fingers before, and maybe coffee, anything i can do to help with your servers, anything networking, or networking related items, Debian, etc... don't hesitate to ask. (hehe, i remember chatting with 3Fingers or coffee a long while back and telling him to change from Ubuntu to Debian and the difference would be immediately evident..) =] thank you for running and maintaining servers that actually play well, are regulated against idiots, and have a fun community playing and maintaining them. pm me and i will pass along my contact info if ever needed.
  6. I use to be new, about 20 years ago. now I'm just getting old, and it takes me a long time to warm up. hello all.
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