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  1. A couple additions...

    8 ppl on server, cv do to force player switch. Voted twice, 6-0 yes, two specs, vote failed. What good is it to have cv do if it wont pass?
  2. ELO cap poll

    Yeah, oso has it. /cv do. Set at 100 or more. Anything less you get too many votes.
  3. ELO cap poll

    Yeah, I voted to leave it, but I feel 1700 is just a bit low. Most of the players who come in and want exceptions are usually around 1800 or so. I never understood the auto handicap thing because a 2100 player hitting 72 pt rail shots is really semantics. I suggested 1800 or 1850. People seem to be able to have good games with players on their team at that level. The 2000 + players count as 2 people on these team games. Either auto-handicap them to 50% or have a bit of a raised elo cap imo. The toughest thing lately has been teams 200+ off and ending up 10-0. No one likes to !a Callvote !do.
  4. ELO cap poll

    1800 sounds good to me.
  5. Leizu botting.

    Most likely the same troll.... Atlanta server, about 7cst. leizu.dm_91
  6. Testing new host - Chicago

    If anyone would play on a Chicago server that would be nice.
  7. Maps

    Thanks for adding ra2mp2 Osiris Complex, so much fun!
  8. qlstats.net will be shutting down 5-24-18

    New link to register with steam for quakestats. https://qlstats.net/account/login
  9. qlstats.net will be shutting down 5-24-18

    They are working on it, however you may need to add some privacy agreements to the page by logging into quakestats with steam. Here is the link. https://qlstats.net:8081/login
  10. qlstats.net will be shutting down 5-24-18

    Can you believe that this has to shut down because of stupid european privacy laws? Wow...
  11. https://www.plusforward.net/quake/post/49410/qlstatsnet-shuts-down-on-May-24th-2018/ How will this affect the limits on the servers?
  12. another guy using autofire, u may know him as

    just busted iDMartin under the name SchwarzeKatze on cN Los Angeles. Even after being outed here, he is still using autofire.
  13. Interesting VAC info

    Let's see if they update vac and try to catch more of the bad guys.
  14. Schizm.... Aimbot, racist.

    ok, thanks for looking.
  15. Guy is super annoying with not stop racist jokes and steam keeps kicking him for an aimbot.