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  1. After trying to help bile some while on the server I am thinking his might be a config based issue. When I reinstalled awhile back I had some issues and deleted everything and started over. I was still having an issue until I used safe mode a few times and it worked. So I rewrote my config again and entered the few questionable items one at a time. I haven't had any issues since except after the 1903 update and it was fixed easy enough. I think certain values exceed quakes abilities and it becomes a conflict.
  2. Have you validated files with steam astrro? Almost 2020 rime to get win10!
  3. Still got this card for sale so...lol
  4. I broke down after saying 15 years ago I would never drop that much on a Pc again. I went overboard considering QL is all I currently do on this thing.
  5. This is my current card, in case someone is wondering.
  6. I bought a new video card and the next day I bought a prebuilt system. I installed the card I purchased and pulled this one before it was ever turned on. $650 shipped and I will throw in the code for the copy of the new wolfenstein(7/24 release date) that came with it. I have a video of the new card in hand before I unsealed the new PC and receipts to prove purchase dates.
  7. Matty is all about the 4th! Hope everyone has some fun today!
  8. Ig is down too, if you look right now island is hanging out with sweet and bw.
  9. Some people bitch about snapshots in vote not being there . Is that something we can fix for the ones that cant remember map names or numbers...lol
  10. Q3fraggle needs to go away, was a decent tdm, Ft map but total waste of time in CA.
  11. We made it thru about half of them before the flakes were flaking. Thanks!
  12. 2k allows us to absorb most of the players already playing that are over the cap. As I said before this still excludes 2-3 cool people that play occasionally on MH. 1900 would be easy for them to maintain by pitting but as an example: constant pitting on overkill means you rarely have the time to get to top. I can list at least 4 players doing this on the reg. Some prefer to tank games. Let these guys play to their abilities and teams should theoretically become more even. They are playing anyway... I am just rambling shit at this point. I am old and the power just went out for no reason other than its cold.
  13. So i spoke to a couple regs last night, asked them what their true elo would be. One was 2k as you can clearly see in team chat if you read the logs from last night Don. Some people think we dont have logs btw... I just want to know if you can take your teeth out for me Island?
  14. I do not see any reason to kill the open servers either. Let them get a room and fuck, some of these guys are pretty cool and qualify as over the cap.
  15. Look at qc numbers falling, they will be back. When they come back they will all be running new potatoes with dual 1080's. The most significant number being the average is dropping hard, 25 percent last month. https://steamcharts.com/app/611500
  16. When we tried this before there was a problem with admins reacting. Hardly any of the admins were playing there let alone doing shit. 1k elo admin 2k elo hmmm There are some I woukd consider adding to make it possible. Josh, Phil..but would that help? I think raising the bar to 1900-2k with the buffer would be a step in the right direction. It would allow most of the players that are cool enough to already be hanging out. The ones that are willing to manage it already just to have fun with us. I can think of 3 people that might have issue with that number already hanging out. Raising also give those other people the ability to prove their interest is casual play.(example below) If we find some of those people to be cool we always have the ability for an exception. Last time I checked the game is still full of sounds, chatter, old people and raging homos. 10 player Ca will not be making a qcon debut anytime soon. Last night I hop on the populated server which happened to be capped. Teams are like 5-5 someone joins so i drop since I am trying to keep players and continue to populate. I go get my drink refill and comeback to another player about to get kicked because teams are at 5-6. I jump in to save him and in a matter of secs am accused of joining the winning team. Highway of all people, mr refill, i gotta piss mid game himself tells me about myself. That is how my evening started...first ten minutes. It is all about perspective, knowledge is power!
  17. Here is what I have noticed as a pattern. Open server has some good players on it teams are lower numbers, playing same 4 maps. The lowers join and before long map rage because it's a MadHouse playing hiddenfortress, almost lost etc... with teams of ten. Some pro players drop with teamsize, map or being forced to watch a camping teammate. The server is almost full of players under the cap. Mean while 2-3 players show up and leave because of the 1-2 open players on the server. Example Meta, how many did not click it at all? I am not saying all the higher players drop or that they are all assholes. As you said, I do not have issue with kgb. I enjoy the battle and go after him as much as possible before he gets me. I don't pretend to have an answer that solves all the problems. Just trying to discuss, thank you matty. I am still of the belief that open servers already exist. Dont force the people that paid for the servers to play in one location. What if they are donating because we have a chi location? Even though, the game might not get started there either.
  18. Since August the numbers are going up. https://steamcharts.com/app/282440
  19. My mom died on the 7th of last month, part of the reason I have been playing more to try and forget how much I miss her..
  20. Why not make your own server? Bw and leroy have theirs, whats holding you back from unleashing your awesomeness on the quake community? We even helped leroy when he wanted to start his up by pointing him in the right direction. Bw started his/hers because of being banned from MH. The only thing stopping you is your decision to spend your time bitching about what has been built and maintained by others. Prove me wrong or shut the fuck up. I spent this weekend at home for a change. Played 6+ hours on atl open and the same on a capped server the next day. Server was full basically the entire time. I saw you for maybe an hour, talking about how great you are and how your game is not up to par because you have to maintain elo. The only thing you did was click on a server, nothing more. I have roughly 15000 games on MadHouse servers since steam. You are a player, I dont give respect to everyone. You fall into the same catagory as dollasss. If you dont have my respect as a person/player, you are a green blip on my monitor. I remove toxic people when I choose too. I can post your ignorant rants from steam chat if you want to see where my opinion of you was formed. They all showed up when you friend requested me recently and I thought this time might be different. Keep calling me an asshole for giving multiple chances and hoping it was going to be better. I thought a legitimate discussion would be cool as I have been talking to others about adjusting the cap since we already have open servers. Come back at me with something thoughtful and intelligent this time please...
  21. I am telling you in the beginning it was not meant for the player you think you are unless you had the ability to tank to play there as I Did to play with friends. Obviously you were not a part of that or your understanding might be more in line with where we are. Your little one line responses with no value is just trolling at this point. Maybe when you understand how a disccussion/debate works you can be more involved. Until then figure out your own situation. Third time all this has been explained to you but you can act like an idiot. I guess all that time before rehabbing in the hospital was a blur. Find your safe space, because capped servers are not it. We are not turning into oso just because you want it to be that way.
  22. Island, I know the math can probably be adjusted. It's another thing for someone to be bitched at/blamed for not being a perfect system while they even try to adjust it. Maybe we could get it to do opiod, breathalyzers, thc, adderall checks upon entry. Someone is going to cry no matter the outcome of any change/setup we do. I get thanked by people as much as I get bitched at for everything.
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