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  1. the 1903 update?

    After trying to help bile some while on the server I am thinking his might be a config based issue. When I reinstalled awhile back I had some issues and deleted everything and started over. I was still having an issue until I used safe mode a few times and it worked. So I rewrote my config again and entered the few questionable items one at a time. I haven't had any issues since except after the 1903 update and it was fixed easy enough. I think certain values exceed quakes abilities and it becomes a conflict.
  2. the 1903 update?

    Have you validated files with steam astrro? Almost 2020 rime to get win10!
  3. Asus RTX Gforce 2080 turbo

    Still got this card for sale so...lol
  4. Asus RTX Gforce 2080 turbo

    I broke down after saying 15 years ago I would never drop that much on a Pc again. I went overboard considering QL is all I currently do on this thing.
  5. Asus RTX Gforce 2080 turbo

    This is my current card, in case someone is wondering.
  6. I bought a new video card and the next day I bought a prebuilt system. I installed the card I purchased and pulled this one before it was ever turned on. $650 shipped and I will throw in the code for the copy of the new wolfenstein(7/24 release date) that came with it. I have a video of the new card in hand before I unsealed the new PC and receipts to prove purchase dates.
  7. Happy 4th!!

    Matty is all about the 4th! Hope everyone has some fun today!
  8. Newly added maps

    Ig is down too, if you look right now island is hanging out with sweet and bw.
  9. Newly added maps

    Some people bitch about snapshots in vote not being there . Is that something we can fix for the ones that cant remember map names or numbers...lol
  10. Newly added maps

    Q3fraggle needs to go away, was a decent tdm, Ft map but total waste of time in CA.
  11. Newly added maps

    We made it thru about half of them before the flakes were flaking. Thanks!
  12. hey guise.

  13. ELO cap poll

    2k allows us to absorb most of the players already playing that are over the cap. As I said before this still excludes 2-3 cool people that play occasionally on MH. 1900 would be easy for them to maintain by pitting but as an example: constant pitting on overkill means you rarely have the time to get to top. I can list at least 4 players doing this on the reg. Some prefer to tank games. Let these guys play to their abilities and teams should theoretically become more even. They are playing anyway... I am just rambling shit at this point. I am old and the power just went out for no reason other than its cold.
  14. ELO cap poll

    So i spoke to a couple regs last night, asked them what their true elo would be. One was 2k as you can clearly see in team chat if you read the logs from last night Don. Some people think we dont have logs btw... I just want to know if you can take your teeth out for me Island?