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  1. nice build! same end result...losing in QL to old guys.
  2. Do you have pics of "Top" and "grinder" also?
  3. oso has been having issues crashing and lagging and was even down for a day last week, and we saw lots more traffic on madhouse and dik servers during the day last week, which seems to have continued some, oso popularity is fading wait, did you say free beer?
  4. is there any way to do Rocket Arena 3 ? my vote for tdm over ft but both are fun
  5. Swift is fun map, smaller and very fast paced Redmonk is another one that we've had a lot of fun on recently
  6. nm i just re-read your quote, we are on the same page
  7. very nice! Just curious, is there an option to limit the amount of /cv do allowed per game? like max 3 times a game they can force a switch?
  8. that's a respectable rig. will you be my daddy?
  9. im confused, why is there a poll at the beginning and the majority so far says leave it alone...but now its going to change anyway?
  10. I have played better players for 20 years and I still suck ass... you lie
  11. I think the majority of the Madhouse community is under 1300 elo. I've been in many many games 10v10 where the elo balance shows that both teams of 10 people have an AVG elo of under 1000. that's 20 people playing, full server and the avg elo is in the 900s...so why would you want to introduce assholes like kgb into your main community? they have plenty of servers including my server where they can bully people and feel like big men. The people that come to Madhouse <1700 are looking for a place to play and actually have a chance to compete with others in their same range of skill. a lot of games even guys with 1500-1600 elo dominate the server. personally I would lower it, not raise it. or just leave everything alone cause its working.
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