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  1. kati and i had a night on the water, enjoy picture 1 is of downtown charleston picture 2 is of arthur ravenel bridge going from charleston to mount pleasant picture 3 & 4 are of under the bridge
  2. quake2 rtx

    hate to see this is for nvidia only
  3. quake2 rtx

    https://www.polygon.com/2019/5/27/18641307/quake-2-rtx-ray-tracing-remaster-download-nvidia https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/quake-ii-rtx-ray-tracing-vulkan-vkray-geforce-rtx/ discuss
  4. Lan party

    sounds like the start of some gay porn where people are gaming together and someone gets hot and removes a piece of clothing then someone else catches another gamer masturbating to quake then all the sudden everyone is naked sucking off
  5. Newly added maps

    oso having issues is what ive heard
  6. New servers

    would be sick to get a server with another gamemode going
  7. A couple additions...

    is the vote percentage set to pass with just 51% ?
  8. hey guise.

    that mouth appears that it can fit both of my nuts in it
  9. hey guise.

  10. ELO cap poll

    funny you mention that, i think we're working on a votable auto balance which will fix the players that dont !a for themselves
  11. ELO cap poll

    no, they aren't removable i got 2 more crowns with a bridged fake tooth in the middle. permanently installed
  12. ELO cap poll

    i got more new teeth yesterday
  13. ELO cap poll

    i'm sure we can modify the calculations.. what if we had an auto-handicap server? rather than an always dead NO LIMIT servers change 1 up to a AUTO HANDI or something
  14. ELO cap poll

    isnt auto handicap a thing
  15. A couple new servers

    that pql server is a lot of fun
  16. A couple new servers

    chains add me on steam so we can play on the vamp server together https://steamcommunity.com/id/island55
  17. Looking for used parts

    sell your harley
  18. Everyone knows me but Hi!

    oh look someone likes you enough to modify your name
  19. Everyone knows me but Hi!

    you mispelled your fucking name when you made your profile.. what an idiot
  20. I use to be new

    thanks for the appreciation DAMN 44 you probably still fart air thats older than me
  21. I use to be new

    just 20 years? i was probably gaming before you were born... i started gaming ~1996
  22. Island55 have you seen this

    i fucking ran that server, the IP was and the guy that hosted it for me was Byte and his real name was Tony from VA but i think he passed away from a heart attack years ago according to some mutual old quake2 gamers. ellykenzie may know too
  23. Redlined cheating

    nice catch, get that fuck out of here

    shutup little feet
  25. Hello!

    we welcome you with open frags