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  1. Newly added maps

    Lately, when jumping on earlier in the day, I've been trying to start in on the #2 severs, seems to help get things going.
  2. Laptop hooked up to 50 inch flatscreen

    Aside from being bigger, are the graphics better, smoother, etc ?
  3. My Swiller impression

    Not bad.... I'll give you a few pointers lol
  4. Thanks, thought you had me few a times.
  5. Can someone help me with a link to a download for viewing DM files ???
  6. Quakecon 2018!!!

    I thought Smokes arms fell off, sure he can't make it, though they may have stitched those back on. Need to ask him next time he is on
  7. Tim Willits is an ass....

    From all the Hype, there was real interest, a lot of interest. They a had a good chance to make a shot of it, seems like the perfect shot in the foot.
  8. A wild Chub Appears!

    I'm not saying anything, except "stay the Fuck away from my Daughters" ! Unless you buy me beer