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  1. Collision map?

    Sometimes i cant load maps, not sure what the reason for this is. Ive tried downloading certain things from the workshop as well. I've in some cases have played the very maps that wont let me play any longer. What happens is it loads the server and then just kinda kicks me out before i spawn...how i fix?
  2. my fiances new build

    take turns
  3. Muted for joking

    lmao mattress
  4. Let's get this party started

    you guys go back too far! you old hags you!
  5. Let's get this party started

    lot of old stuff and new stuff but no in between stuff? ): AND NO COFFEE I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT NICKELBACK HAHAHA
  6. Newly added maps

    LOL kill the mapflakes
  7. Muted for joking

    what the hell is his problem?
  8. New sounds requests

    yeah what coffee said! you bunch of idiots
  9. New sounds requests

    the first line of this song
  10. New sounds requests

  11. Tim Willits is an ass....

    3fingers idk. any dev would want its community to shift towards the shiny new game. but like someone from madhouse said early on, QC is missing the community aspect. i get you can add players and other hooplah but they made too many changes to QC from QL. most notably its not 100% balaned (abilities are different) i see both sides of the coin he spent a lot of time and money to develop QC but we the people arent acceptable to the idea cause the game feels empty as one would say.