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  1. I use to be new

    Mechanic and Atomic Girl always stood out.
  2. I use to be new

    I played vogon servers for yrs. You are not new Oops wrong one to comment to "Coffe mutes chub for yelling"
  3. I guess my saying that I have it and love it weeks ago doesnt have any clout.
  4. Been saying gsync for weeks you tards
  5. My Swiller impression

    Be nice to Swiller you guys!
  6. no vsync. set your refresh rate with your fps...........
  7. and i say that because i have both an 8q and a 9q
  8. https://www.amazon.com/PG279Q-2560x1440-G-SYNC-Gaming-Monitor/dp/B017EVR2VM/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1538793625&sr=8-4&keywords=asus+27+wqhd+ips this what i run with gsync....... the color, response, and 1440k is a very nice clarity. 27 inch is the threshold of using 1440 or 1080..... once you see 1440k 1080p suks
  9. Fuck ya. Perfect man cave! Except have a halff bath right there.
  10. depends on how you run it. i ahve found that if you run your max fps with your refresh rate and the pixle your monitpor runs. you get a very good end result. and having gsync and not using it is likes using 2 of your 4 cylinders ..........
  11. i thought Pete took over as emperor. haven't seen you on NY forever
  12. NERDS...... LOL .... I run a MSI 1080 with a 27" ASUS ROG with Gsync @ 1440k running 165 hz. wouldnt trade it for anything. it did cost a couple bucks. but well worth the investment.
  13. Let's get this party started

    Hell yeah. Funny the shit i ggrew up listening to is classic now. Man in the box is good one to.
  14. Added Ashburn, Va location

    Love it. I ping 12...😀