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  1. a view from charleston SC (HUGE PICS)

    Looks peaceful. Who knew, you're really a softy... Thanks for sharing.
  2. Lan party

    We just had another end of term lan party today. We were more than last time. Imagine 20 young adults (all guys --> networking isn't popular with the female crowd) in a classroom playing fps. It seems one of the students was ranked top 1000 in qlive - he was pretty good. Quake4 was still the main event. This time I tinkered a little with the server and could get it to support 120hz. I also added the "q4max" add on which brings in some new maps and more importantly, some new modes to Q4. So we got to play some CA and CTF this time. Still no match for qlive but much better than q4 vanilla from last lan. This may be the start of a tradition.
  3. Newly added maps

    Oh. I didn't know but I just checked and the OSO server is up and running with 9 players atm. What kinda of issues?
  4. Newly added maps

    Hey guys, Just though I'd mention, I've been noticing more daytime traffic in the last couple of days. Could it be the new maps or the new team balancing measures or just dumb luck timing? This was today at 5pm. But it was like that since early am and yesterday was the same.
  5. Newly added maps

    Thx again! Are the maps mating or something? You'd think at some point, there wouldn't be any left.
  6. Newly added maps

    Nice additions, thanks!
  7. Newly added maps

    Nice thanx! On the subject of maps, I played a cool fast paced map a few days back on blud's server. I'm not sure, but I believe it's called "Swift". Anyways, I don't know what's involved but I just thought I'd suggest it if ever you're in the business of adding new maps in the future and you happen to stumble upon on it.
  8. A couple additions...

    Even better
  9. A couple additions...

    IMO spec voting is fine when the specs are there. The problem is when we have a whole bunch of them doing nothing. Unless I understood this wrong, if you have a game of 4 on 4 going on and 4 specs that are MIA, that would mean you need at least 6 votes out of 8 from the active players to pass something (6/12 = 50%) instead of 4. Still I believe things should stay as they are. Some specs are just relaxing or waiting for a better map. We always have the option of kicking inactive specs if it comes to that.
  10. A couple additions...

    Doesn't seem right. I would guess it has more to do with the vote module than the balance itself. Do spectators count?
  11. A couple additions...

    Stopping by to congratulate you again on some fine additions. They work very nicely and I believe it takes most of the guesswork out of making teams more even.
  12. A couple additions...

    I love these additions! Thanks.
  13. Instagib ca server

    +1 for Freeze tag but will give instagib a try.
  14. Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas to my fellow gamers. Enjoy the time off with the loved ones.
  15. Lan party

    That was kinda the plan...I was hoping I could woop ass, but Q4 feels so awkward. The railgun felt especially weird - there was like a delay between firing and actual shot that made it almost useless. Maybe, it was our setup. Some of them are no strangers to FPS as they play CS-GO. So it's not like they were total noobs either. QL would be best, but Q3A could be a solid B plan.