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  1. Looking for used parts

    maybe we can all donate to ur paypal or sumthing
  2. Muted for joking

    im fucking dead lmao
  3. Its i MacGyver_AswP..Sup

    lmao fuck u coffee
  4. Schizm.... Aimbot, racist.

    im the best tho
  5. The MadHouse - QuakeLive Stickers

    i have Windows 10 Pro, i7-2600K CPU @ 3.4Ghz, 16GB RAM, Zotac amp omega 970, Evga 500 +80 PSU, G602 mouse
  6. asia

    i have to say asia is one of the worse players of all time rosie 10-0 him i have the proof
  7. all about a troll

    i hate sheets honestly thts why i dont use em
  8. all about a troll

    lmao lotion were.... it nothing asia i promise
  9. Quakecon

    lmao im going then
  10. all about a troll

    i7-2600k 16bg ram 64 ssd two 500 gig hd zotac gtx 970 amp omega 4gb