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  1. ELO cap poll

    I'm more of the opinion that 1900 sounds better. I've seen quite a few people in the 1700-1900 range just quit playing because of the cap and could not find games and may not ever come back. Even though i am physically unable to play at a high level any longer i do miss a lot of my old school friends who left. My stance on this is well known. You will only get better by playing better players.
  2. Everyone knows me but Hi!

    LOL island! Hey Elly good to see ya around here!
  3. A couple new servers

    sweet!! Thank you! *lol@ 666
  4. I use to be new

    yer still a nub, nothing has changed lol! jk good to see ya!

    Don't make me downgrade the ip board bro!

    Dammit Boost! I was hoping for RAAGGEE!! _/
  7. Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas guise!
  8. I don't agree. the cable wont matter unless it was bad. I think maybe your pc is doing something like 100% cpu or disk usage more likely. open the task manager while in game and look.
  9. That is the same card i have. It works flawlessly. Your issue is something else. Edit* Mine isnt the super clocked one. It's this one.. but i doubt it's your card. i slam 250fps on all maps using this with an i5@3.4ghz 8g ram win 10. drivers are 397.64 I dont use the nvida software to update drivers. ever. this build is super stable so i stay on it.
  10. Good price on the one i own. Highly recommended! ffs this was $400+ almost 2 years ago. My first one did have problems. but the replacement is doing fine * don't listen to the noobs in the reviews.. Most of them are idiots! https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1281414-REG/samsung_c24fg70_curved_va_144hz_24.html?ap=y&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0eblgs-O3gIVGNRkCh3KNQowEAkYASABEgKKf_D_BwE&smp=y#ov
  11. halloween candy giver

    I don't get trick or treaters where i live now. which kind of sucks. I always enjoy Halloween very much!
  12. Welcome jeeoff!

    Good to see another old school Frag Pimper back in the game! \m/ \m/
  13. Maps

    Must try! lol
  14. Maps

    /cv map jumbypaddy! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=604249474&searchtext=jumbypaddy
  15. Bacon Pron

    I 'll be right over!
  16. testing

    Its still broken bro.
  17. BeanO

  18. Show me your quake medals

    Total games 5774. Total hours 2,354 I don't think this is close to accurate (lol over 9000) personally. I know it doesn't count here, but i had >50k gaunt kills in the old .com days :<
  19. Hanging with Lonka

    I forgot to post this here for all the nubs that don't has the facebook! Went and had some good Mexican food and margaritas with the one and only Lonka(on right) the other weekend Yes i look haggard.. Moving heavy ass furniture for days in 100 degree heat!
  20. MadMan Battle Prizes

    Been lazy and i suffer from CRS! Meaning to post pics of the Razer Firefly rgb led mouse pad i won. It matches my rgb keyboard perfectly! Thanks!
  21. Elo vs bdm

    Pretty much exactly this ^^^^ My stance on elo is well known. I think this will just give people more to whine about. they already flip out if the teams are 37 elo one sided and this offers no improvement on that.

    Thanks for posting for the people that didn't know about this. I've had it( the whole game) from the start and just don't like it. I can run it @120+fps but a lot of people wont be able to probably. but this gives them a chance to see. * also lol @ the people freaking out over the vanity items!
  23. Madhouse Poker?

    How much did you drink? lol