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  3. Added bluestone / callvote bluestone * this is ts_t5 expanded version. Should be better for larger teams.
  4. oaf: Bile: island55: PUNiSH: this isnt oso
  5. Mav you gotta watch the IT Crowd if u havent
  6. i fugured out what it was dang cord not plugged in all the way lel
  7. should look at some bios updates too
  8. what video card you got?
  9. If it were me I would uninstall all software pertaining to your card and delete the folders. Then I would go to device manager and uninstall the gpu from there. It will be under display devices. Right click it and click uninstall or remove I forget. Then reboot pc and it should install the standard windows driver. Then install the drivers from the manufacturer eg; nvidia/radeon.
  10. my pc started just randomly shutting off like every 10 min or so. i tried to update gpu driver but deleted it accidentally. how can i get it back? (: ty
  11. Bile: island55: PUNiSH: this isnt oso
  12. I fixed my quakelive if anyone is having problems here's what solved mine. I had some backups and stuff saved on my computer under other folders.. so instead of uninstalling quake I searched my hard drive and deleted all quake files then uninstalled(not sure if the uninstall did anything but...) then I reinstalled and setup my cfg again and it's fixed now. I'm also not running it under any compatibility modes anymore just admin.
  13. yes it did but oddly enough i still have the 0.1 second delay when i see enemies after turning a corner.. takes like a split second for them to load in and appear on my screen.. ive just became used to it at this point but quake absolutely runs very smooth now
  14. BTW, did your new build solve your stuttering screen problem?
  15. added maps... Lunar Landings by Scancode /callvote map scandm1 Untouchable by MaGiC-WaLKeR /callvote Mw3Tourney2 Blue Stone by TymoN /callvote map ts_t5
  16. now that i think about it since my new build i havent had any issues with quakelive.. i'm not even running it on compatibility mode for windows 8 and no crashes
  17. You can ignore the pentium thing, its always been that way.
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