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  3. Asus RTX Gforce 2080 turbo

    yeah but now you have boss status with that beastly card
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  5. Asus RTX Gforce 2080 turbo

    I broke down after saying 15 years ago I would never drop that much on a Pc again. I went overboard considering QL is all I currently do on this thing.
  6. Asus RTX Gforce 2080 turbo

    Umm, I don’t know if you noticed it or not but there are hands inside your new pc, that’s kinda cool! nice rig though, congrats!
  7. Asus RTX Gforce 2080 turbo

    This is my current card, in case someone is wondering.
  8. I bought a new video card and the next day I bought a prebuilt system. I installed the card I purchased and pulled this one before it was ever turned on. $650 shipped and I will throw in the code for the copy of the new wolfenstein(7/24 release date) that came with it. I have a video of the new card in hand before I unsealed the new PC and receipts to prove purchase dates.
  9. The solution is right above this padawan! lol damn apprentices
  10. Same happened here. Issue resolved itself (through updates I imagine). It's actually better now. Steam client used to have the windows waiting cursor when I would mouse over the games and sometimes the games wouldn't start. Now it's all good.
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/app/282440/discussions/0/1652171126117969591/
  12. Happy 4th!!

    merica.mp4 Standing 25 feet away from the monument for us pwning our freedom.. taken at Yorktown Beach tonight
  13. Happy 4th!!

    Matty is all about the 4th! Hope everyone has some fun today!
  14. Happy 4th!!

  15. Happy 4th!!

    Loved that one. LoL. Happy 4th everyone! Get out yer thunder shirts for your dogs and HIDEYOKIDS 😃
  16. Happy 4th!!

    Happy 4th!! Have fun, stay safe and try to keep it on two wheels...
  17. my parents met kati's parents after 5 years of us dating; because they live in NY and we live in SC after that kati's parents took us to myrtle beach before they started their drive home to NY pic 1 is from out hotel window pic 2 is of ya boy flexing pic 3 & 4 is of kati sailing; 1 zoomed and 1 wide shot all pics taken from a phone
  18. i did the same thing and it booted on first try
  19. Quake will not run after Windows 10 1903 update

    cool man, if your able to report the bug to Microsoft they may look at it and include a fix in the next update
  20. Cool keep us posted
  21. Changed QuakeLive_steam.exe to run in Compatibility mode (Windows 8) and it appears to run fine now.
  22. that's a lot of booting...
  23. ah shit funny you say that i'm going through the same thing. i literally have to boot quakelive 5 times before it stays running and is playable. if i boot quake my screen goes gray as if its booting then returns to desktop. just keep booting quake for like 5 or 6 times it will eventually stick and run, at least it does for me anyway
  24. Have not reinstalled yet, but did update NVidia to latest. During Quake startup it prompts for safe mode. Either open safe mode or not it does not start. Just exits before any graphics are seen. Will try compatibility setting
  25. Did you update your video card drivers? My bet is that will fix it
  26. Quake will not run after Windows 10 1903 update

    also try compatibility mode in properties, worth a shot
  27. Quake will not run after Windows 10 1903 update

    oh really? i haven't updated yet.. i assume you tried reinstalling quake etc
  28. Hi- I cannot seem to get Quake to launch after the Windows 10 1903 update from 1809. Has anyone else experienced this and possibly have a solution? Thanks
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