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  2. A couple additions...

    nm i just re-read your quote, we are on the same page
  3. A couple additions...

    Stopping by to congratulate you again on some fine additions. They work very nicely and I believe it takes most of the guesswork out of making teams more even.
  4. hey guise.

    that mouth appears that it can fit both of my nuts in it
  5. A couple additions...

    Not that I know, we will just have to keep an eye on it. Keep in mind that it won’t suggest s switch unless the elo is over 100 difference so there shouldn’t be that many votes, I’m assuming.
  6. A couple additions...

    very nice! Just curious, is there an option to limit the amount of /cv do allowed per game? like max 3 times a game they can force a switch?
  7. A couple additions...

    I love these additions! Thanks.
  8. hey guise.

    was after a bonfire if u know what im saying.. k00d nite! ggs :D~
  9. hey guise.

    i wanted to make it official... this is me at my greatest... i just wanted to ask you......................... Snapchat-1862232605.mp4
  10. hey guise.

    dey not here ted!
  11. hey guise.

    Howdy phaero
  12. hey guise.

  13. hey guise.

  14. hey guise.

  15. hey guise.

    you aint got no style muthafucka
  16. hey guise.

    wanna wear my vest? smell good.
  17. A couple additions...

    thanks man
  18. A couple of additions to the servers... The server will now auto re-balance if two new players join a match. Just the new joiners will be balanced if needed. Also if a team takes the lead by four rounds the the bot will recommend a switch if 100 or more elo difference. The switch recommendations made by either the bot or !teams/!teens is now vote-able with the /cv do command.
  19. ELO cap poll

    Yeah, oso has it. /cv do. Set at 100 or more. Anything less you get too many votes.
  20. ELO cap poll

    funny you mention that, i think we're working on a votable auto balance which will fix the players that dont !a for themselves
  21. ELO cap poll

    Yeah, I voted to leave it, but I feel 1700 is just a bit low. Most of the players who come in and want exceptions are usually around 1800 or so. I never understood the auto handicap thing because a 2100 player hitting 72 pt rail shots is really semantics. I suggested 1800 or 1850. People seem to be able to have good games with players on their team at that level. The 2000 + players count as 2 people on these team games. Either auto-handicap them to 50% or have a bit of a raised elo cap imo. The toughest thing lately has been teams 200+ off and ending up 10-0. No one likes to !a Callvote !do.
  22. Looking for used parts

  23. ELO cap poll

    no, they aren't removable i got 2 more crowns with a bridged fake tooth in the middle. permanently installed
  24. ELO cap poll

    2k allows us to absorb most of the players already playing that are over the cap. As I said before this still excludes 2-3 cool people that play occasionally on MH. 1900 would be easy for them to maintain by pitting but as an example: constant pitting on overkill means you rarely have the time to get to top. I can list at least 4 players doing this on the reg. Some prefer to tank games. Let these guys play to their abilities and teams should theoretically become more even. They are playing anyway... I am just rambling shit at this point. I am old and the power just went out for no reason other than its cold.
  25. ELO cap poll

    So i spoke to a couple regs last night, asked them what their true elo would be. One was 2k as you can clearly see in team chat if you read the logs from last night Don. Some people think we dont have logs btw... I just want to know if you can take your teeth out for me Island?
  26. ELO cap poll

    You must have quite a collection by now
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